Patrick Finn

Assistant Director—Talent Acquisition

Meet You at the Meetup

Topics: Tech Advancement.

Connecting with Northwestern Mutual is easier than ever.

Some people still think of us as an old-school insurance company with a bunch of guys in pinstripe suits. But in reality, we're a large technology organization that's doing some of the most innovative, digital-driven work in the financial services industry – and we're spreading the word, in part, through meetups

For the past 18 months or so, we've been sponsoring and attending meetups across Milwaukee, where our company is based. We also sponsored Wisconsin's 2018 Young Professionals Week, which included nearly 30 events over nine days. We're involved in activities like these because we know how important technology is to the future of our company and our local economy, and we want to help advance Milwaukee as a tech destination.

I'm personally involved in the effort because it’s my job to oversee all of the technologist hiring at Northwestern Mutual. I think we've got a pretty good story to tell – with several thousands of people working with some of the latest, greatest, leading-edge technology – but we need to do a better job of getting the word out.

Since I, and many others at Northwestern Mutual, have been out in the community raising awareness about what we're doing, we've seen an increase in the number of people applying for our tech positions. But we need more.

If you're a meetup regular, look us up; you probably have the kind of traits we're after. We want people who are naturally curious, want to know what other smart people are working on, and are lifelong learners who won't let their skills get stale. We don't need you to have an advanced degree from a top school or a work history from three blue-chip organizations. We're more interested in the right combination of skills and attitude.

While meetups are a great way to connect with us, they represent just one piece of a much broader goal – to build up southeastern Wisconsin as a national hub for technology, research, business and talent development. Learn more about what we're doing to make Milwaukee a more vibrant hub for 21st century business.

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