Corrie Schroeder

Sr Project Manager

A Data Dream: Using Data Science to Empower the Future of Lindsay Heights

Walnut Way, in conjunction with the Northwestern Mutual Data Science Institute, is hosting a webinar on April 22 to share the results of a research project focused on an initiative to increase home ownership in the Lindsay Heights neighborhood.

The project is a collaboration between Walnut Way and the NMDSI to gather and analyze existing data from various sources and determine how it can be leveraged to access financial support to address the barriers to equitable housing and economic development in Lindsay Heights.

Through the NMDSI, undergraduate and graduate students from both UW-Milwaukee and Marquette University have been tasked with analyzing nearly 20 years of data on the social, environmental and economic aspects of the neighborhood. Specifically, they are focused on homeownership, rental affordability, property values, education, and crime.

The results of this research project are intended to help inform the Lindsay Heights economic development and planning process as well as the City of Milwaukee's Comprehensive plan for Milwaukee's near northside.

Walnut Way won the “Data Dream” competition during the 2019 Data Day, a program sponsored by Data You Can Use where non-profit organizations submit proposals that encompass how they would use data to solve a community issue if they had the resources to do so. Walnut Way was awarded with 500 hours of data science expertise from the NMDSI.

The NMDSI, a partnership between Northwestern Mutual, UW-Milwaukee, and Marquette University, is working to use data science to solve societal issues while helping build the talent pipeline by providing students with opportunities, like the Walnut Way project, to advance their skills in the field.

Webinar details below – we hope you can join us!

A Data Dream Webinar
Using Data Science to Empower the Future of Lindsay Heights

Wednesday, April 22
5:00pm – 6:00pm CT

Hosted on Facebook LIVE


Pictured: Antonio Butts, Walnut Way, and Mark Zachar, NMDSI, meet with members of the student research team at the Walnut Way offices.


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