Corrie Schroeder

Sr Project Manager

Addressing the Opioid Crisis in Milwaukee: Using Data to Drive Action

Another NMDSI-funded research project recently launched tackling an important issue in our local community: the opioid epidemic. The project will use geospatial analyses of datasets in Geographic Information Systems to identify community-level and social media factors that are associated with opioid use disorder (OUD) in Milwaukee County.   

The overall goal of this project is to define these relationships and use them to guide policy, community-level decision making, and prevention and intervention efforts aimed at addressing the opioid crisis in Milwaukee. The project team consists of an interdisciplinary group of faculty and students from both Marquette and UW-Milwaukee.

Industry and Academia: Our Differences Are Our Competitive Advantage

As the Northwestern Mutual Data Science Institute celebrates its two-year anniversary, see how we’re leveraging the best of both worlds – industry and academia – to make Milwaukee a premier destination for data science talent.