Corrie Schroeder

Sr Project Manager

NMDSI and UW-Milwaukee award first College for Kids Certificate in Data Science

The Northwestern Mutual Data Science Institute and UW-Milwaukee are proud to announce that they have awarded the first Data Science Certificate as part of the newly created data science track in the College for Kids & Teens program. 

Aniketh Kancherla, a student at Waukesha South High School, is the first to earn the Certificate in Data Science. He was able to complete the full curriculum required for the certificate over the course of one summer, taking multiple classes at a time to complete the program in just three months!  

The NMDSI collaborated with the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee’s College for Kids & Teens program to introduce the Data Science Certificate to students in the summer of 2020. The data science track is the first branded certificate program offered by College for Kids Teens and consists of three core courses, one offered during each of the three sessions of the summer program. To earn the certificate, students must complete the core curriculum as well as two additional elective courses. The certificate can be earned in one year, although program designers anticipated it was more likely that students would complete the program over two or three summers.  

Highlights from the launch of the program include: 

  • 1 student completed the entire data science track and has been awarded the first Data Science Certificate of the program 
  • 25 total enrollments in all three core data science classes, with several students enrolling in more than one of these classes 
  • 49 enrollments in seven elective classes 
  • 13 students only need to complete 1 or 2 more classes to earn the Data Science Certificate 

Congratulations to Aniketh for his achievement and to the other students involved as they continue the program. A special thank you to our astounding teachers and volunteers for their work this summer! Satish KancherlaAniketh’s father, expressed his gratitude with these words: “Thanks to all the volunteer instructors from Northwestern Mutual who were part of the data science classes, and also thanks to the NMDSI for enriching and inducing curiosity in these young minds in the field of data science.” 

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