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Northwestern Mutual and NMDSI Celebrate Success and Expansion of Internship Program

The NMDSI and the Northwestern Mutual Core Data and Analytics department is celebrating the growth of our internship program coming into the summer of 2021, as well as the success of 10 interns placed in Fall 2020/Spring 2021.

Northwestern Mutual has hosted 10 interns in their Core Data and Analytics department this past school year in partnership with our Northwestern Mutual Data Science Institute university partners, Marquette and UW-Milwaukee. The interns contributed to real-world projects as team members and gained skills like Python coding, data engineering, model building and interpretation, project management methodologies including Scrum and Kanban, SQL Code, PowerBI visuals, and more.

When asked how the experience compliments her studies, current intern Madi Ofori-Mattmuller stated that, “I have been able to apply a lot of what I have been learning to my classes. There have been a lot of different projects that I have been able to use basic skills I have learned and applied it to my studies. I have also noticed that I will often apply some project methodologies to my school projects and work.”

For any current data science and analytics students interested in pursuing an internship, our current interns have some advice they would like to share: 

Collin Coover: “Make sure you try and learn from more sources than just the classroom. Increase the scope of what you know and learn technologies relating to what you want to do.”

Lauren Demasek: “Make the most of your time with the company by making an effort to get to know people in all parts of the organization and learning what they do and their journey to getting to that position. This paired with the value of real work experience can make an internship so valuable.”

The Northwestern Mutual Data & Analytics Internship Program aims to place interns in area organizations to give them the experience needed to find a job post-graduation, strengthening the data science talent pipeline in Milwaukee. Through the program, we’re happy to announce that several of these interns have been hired as full-time employees at Northwestern Mutual. The Data & Analytics Internship Program in partnership with NMDSI continues to grow as we’ve placed another 25 interns at Northwestern Mutual this summer.

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