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Intern spotlight: Get to know fall intern Hope Voorhies

Hope Voorhies is one of five new interns that joined the Core Data and Analytics (CDA) organization in September for the 2021 fall semester. She is a Program Management intern under the Data Literacy and Analytics Skills Office. Hope grew up in Lake Villas, Illinois and attended Lake Community High SchoolShe is currently a senior at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee majoring in marketing and international business 

Our team is excited to have Hope onboard and look forward to being part of her journey as she continues to grow her career. Through working directly with Hope the last two months, I have learned how driven and passionate she is about her future, and I am confident that she will accomplish great things during her time with NMHere’s a little more about Hope. 


Q: This being your second tenure with Northwestern Mutual, what was your role in your first internship? 

A: Before my current role with NM, I worked on the field side as an intern, which is how I was introduced to the company. 


Q: How did you find out about that internship opportunity? 

A: In the first semester of my freshman year, I went to a career fair and connected with a recruiter. During my time there, I learned about the different NM lines of business and the company as a whole.  The knowledge I previously learned has helped me succeed in my current internship position. 


Q: What prompted you to look for a second internship opportunity with Northwestern Mutual? 

A: During my first internship, I found that the company really supports their employees and is a great company with strong leadership and unmatched growth opportunities. NM also has many opportunities to potentially convert to full-time employment after graduation, which is an attribute that is important to me as I get ready to start my career after graduation. 


Q: What do you hope to get out of your current internship at Northwestern Mutual?  

A: I hope to learn as much as possible while I am here and gain project management experience so I can apply what I’m learning to post-graduate and full-time opportunities. 


Q: What types of projects are you working on currently?  

A: One of the largest projects I worked on with my manager, Michelle Fetherston, was the Get (Data)Lit data literacy incentive program that took place in October. We created different surveys and activities for employees to take part in, and when they interacted with the activities, they would get Bravo points. Many employees participated in the program, and it was great to see my work make an impact on the company. I'm currently conducting follow-up interviews with participants to gauge the impact the program had on them. 


Q: What has been your most impactful learning thus far? 

A: Most importantly, I have learned how important data is and how data shows up in so many everyday moments that we do not always acknowledge. Whether it's scrolling through Instagram or working directly with numbers, we use data every day and it is critical to understand how to best use data to be efficient. 


Q: Did you have a lot of experience working with data before this internship? 

A: Most of my previous experience has been in marketing with limited data involvement, so coming into a position focused on data was definitely intimidating. In my role as a Program Management intern, I work on how to implement data into daily life and how to teach others how to do the same. 


Q: What advice would you give other students looking to pursue an internship?  

A: Try something new, even if it doesn’t match your major or exactly what you see yourself doing in the future. NM gives you a chance to learn and grow within your college career, as well as prepare you for post-grad life. 


Q: What made you decide to pursue marketing as your major? 

A: Everything about marketing is very interesting to me, from consumer behavior to the analytical side of it. Marketing is everywhere, and you can do so much with a marketing degree, which was a huge appeal to me. 


Q: Besides school and work, what activities do you like to participate in? 

A: I am the president of my sorority on campus, so I keep busy with lots of sorority activities and event planning. I also love cooking and trying new restaurants - I know all the best spots in Milwaukee! 


Q: What is your dream job?   

A: My dream job has always been to be the VP of marketing at a Fortune 500 company. I don’t think you see enough companies with women in executive positions. I am passionate about women empowerment, and I love seeing women succeed, which is why I want to change that about the corporate world. 


Q: What is something most people don’t know about you?   

A: When I was only a year-old, my parents adopted me from China! We celebrate the anniversary of my adoption every year. 

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