6 Things to Expect During Our Summer Tech Internship

Molly Schuld, Sr. Program Manager, Early Tech Careers

Sep 22, 2021

Our summer tech internship takes place over 11 weeks and provides much more than just valuable, hands-on experience. As one of the leaders of our tech internship program, my role is to guide and engage our cohort so that from day one, you feel like you're part of our team and our vibrant, diverse community in Milwaukee.

We know choosing the right internship program in a competitive field is a big decision that takes a lot of research. That's why if you're a college student with a unique perspective that's interested in getting paid for highly technical challenges for software engineering, data science, cybersecurity, product management or another tech track, I’m making it easy for you. Here are the six key reasons why you should choose our internship:

1. Paid, Meaningful Work

First, you won’t find yourself running for coffee. In fact, we take care of the coffee and have lunch on-site. Our tech interns are competitively paid, and while our 2021 cohort was virtual, we typically provide student housing for interns relocating, so you don't have to worry about how to navigate Milwaukee – or New York – before you're ready. You'll already have a place to live with other interns in the program.

And you aren’t just getting paid to build your resume; you’re developing skills while exploring your interests. Tech interns work alongside seasoned employees on rigorous, high-priority projects that directly improve our employee and client experiences. This way, you can explore the tech skills and careers you're passionate about while also making a difference. No matter which tech team you intern with, you'll get exposure to innovative tech that helps people with one of the most stressful things in their lives: their finances.

“It is a program that challenges you to spend the entire summer learning, and they want you to actually have a final project that is used in the organization.” – Cassidy T.

2. Most Interns Are Hired

College tuition isn't cheap, and we know students are thinking about their future and their finances. So in addition to competitive pay, we're also committed to hiring the majority of our tech interns. We see this as an investment in our community and company, adding fresh perspectives to our city's tech ecosystem that enriches our work culture and keeps us agile and curious.

Better yet, nearly all tech interns want to stay – and we’re confident you will, too. Interns with upcoming graduations express gratitude for how transparent we are in the full-time offer process and for the peace of mind of going back to senior year with a job already lined up. Plus, joining us full-time means joining a robust network of hundreds of intern alumni.

“I learned a great deal and had fun. I would also recommend it because there is a good pipeline from internship to a full-time job, which is quite the stress-reliever.” – Spencer L.

3. Personalized Career Guidance

Our internships provide students with a direct manager, an assigned mentor and a University Relations team; I also act as a type of career counselor to help you explore your different interests and get connected to professional development opportunities and additional mentors. We provide a lot of support for our interns because we know they deserve it, and our resources and opportunities can further spark their careers and leadership potential.

A key aspect of the Northwestern Mutual tech team is how willing people are to help. We are a team of forever students and gracious teachers – always learning and investing in others. This means our support won’t end when your internship does; we have an unparalleled culture of always bettering ourselves and others.

“My manager, my team members and other employees have always been available to answer any questions and willing to support me during my internship.” – Clare C.

4. Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion

Three-fourths of our 2021 tech interns self-identified as women and/or people of color. We held networking events with our Women in Tech group and joined company-wide programs for Juneteenth, Pride Month and more, so interns could experience a mixture of opportunities for group membership.

Plus, if you haven’t heard, we invest millions each year to ensure we have diverse perspectives across our organization and in our city. Interns were thrilled to learn we aren’t just talking; we’re taking action to close equity gaps, and we curate volunteer opportunities to use our tech skills for good to accelerate these efforts.

"The environment makes working here unique and a good experience. The company is not focused solely on numbers." – Jonathan R.

5. Networking & Events

We ensure our interns have a community of support at our organization and in our city. We want you to not only consider a job with Northwestern Mutual, but also visualize a career in Milwaukee. To achieve that, we craft experiences to provide tech interns with various opportunities to network with each other and see a wide variety of options for their tech futures.

Our intern events deliver and build upon connectivity to our internal and external ecosystems. Though the events may vary each year, the experiences ground our program. You can expect to connect with other interns via speed networking, Slack channels, coffee chats and more. You can also expect opportunities to engage with our tech leaders – everything from tech talks to one-on-one discussions.

We even connect interns to leaders across the local entrepreneurial, art and food scenes through guided conversations and interactive scavenger hunts. This helps shine a light on our city's creative, innovative culture for many of our remote interns on the coasts – like Lauren, who fell in love with Milwaukee while working from Maryland.

Past tech intern events have included:

Aside from networking, we sprinkle in innovation challenges to create time-based competitions that showcase interns’ abilities to collaborate in smaller teams, code, pitch to judges and help solve important social issues in the tech industry. 

“It's a very supportive environment and definitely a beginner-friendly internship, too. There are a lot of learning and professional networking opportunities!” – Ivy C.

These events are just a fraction of how our tech internship program intentionally sparks connection, and we’re humbled to be recognized for the efforts we bring to our interns. 

6. An Award-Winning Internship Experience

WayUp recently named Northwestern Mutual to their Top 100 Best Internship Programs list for 2021, and we’re proud to say our tech internship filled the majority of the corporate internship roles. Technology makes up one-third of our workforce – with more than 2,000 employees – so we're able to provide a diverse group of mentors and leaders that can help you take on personal and professional development.

“This is a place to build your network and learn from everyone about everything. And these are not superficial connections. Northwestern Mutual gives you a chance to cultivate them and develop them into something meaningful.” - Yue Z.

Key Takeaways

We prepare our interns for their tech futures and connect them to mentors, friends and our city. These connections are sustained since most of our interns choose to stay with us full-time. And our alumni thrive, building on the talent, confidence and networks gained throughout the summer.

We're committed to creating a community of support at our organization and in our community, so our interns are passionate and prepared to bring their best. Even if you choose to work for another company in Milwaukee, we want you to feel close to our city and remember our program fondly as the place where you got to put your skills to the test, take on challenges and create lasting connections.

If you're not just looking for a job, but for a community that will continuously spark learning and joy for you with an opportunity to make an impact on day one, explore our internship offerings.

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