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Exploring What Matters: Our Take on 2021 Innovation Trends

As we prepare to head into a new year, the Northwestern Mutual Innovation team outlines three themes that will be increasingly critical for our industry in 2021 and beyond.

Searching for the Next Great Solution: Reverse Pitch MKE

Northwestern Mutual is participating in our third Reverse Pitch MKE. Entrepreneurs, startups and other creatives will compete virtually this year to help solve some of today's most pressing business challenges.

A Year with Cream City Labs: Looking Back and Ahead

We recently celebrated the first anniversary of Cream City Labs and couldn't be happier about the feedback we are getting from the many different teams that use our dedicated innovation space.

Beyond a Great Idea: What Successful Startups Bring to the Table

For startups that want to work with us, the first priority is to have a solution that solves a business need or opportunity. The second priority is something we find is often overlooked, yet critical to every successful engagement: Industry-standard controls.

What Do Our Successful Startup Partnerships Have in Common?

We have a dedicated Digital Innovation team to engage and work with startups, and have created some real, measurable value for our company. Here's what our most successful startup/enterprise partnerships have in common.

DevOps Accelerator Team Sparks Creativity at Cream City Labs

We recently had the opportunity to supercharge our DevOps enablement efforts during a three-month stay in Northwestern Mutual's new Cream City Labs. Here is why the experience was a success.

Five Reasons You Should Join the Milwaukee Product Brew Meetup

Every third Tuesday of the month, my team and I host a meetup where attendees share best practices, successes and failures on the stage as they discover the latest and greatest innovations being developed in the Milwaukee area.

Three Things I Learned in My First Incubator Experience

My colleagues and I had a great idea for a startup – but NO idea what to expect when were invited to run it through Northwestern Mutual’s incubator program. Here's what I learned.

A Space to Innovate: Lessons Learned While Building Cream City Labs

Thinking about building an innovation lab? We recently unveiled our new innovation space, Cream City Labs. Here's what we learned during its design and build that may help you create your own space that engages and inspires.