The Future of Data: Marquette in Milwaukee Podcast features NMDSI Co-Directors

Corrie Schroeder, Sr Project Manager

Nov 1, 2020

We live in a world of big data. Now more than ever, our challenge will be harnessing that data and understanding how to use it ethically.

Listen to a recent podcast episode of Marquette in Milwaukee featuring NMDSI Co-Directors Dr. Edward Blumenthal from Marquette, Keri McConnell from Northwestern Mutual, and Dr. Purush Papatla from UW-Milwaukee as they talk about the definition of data science and how it’s being used.

The podcast also features Marquette University President Mike Lovell and several others as they discuss machine learning, statistics, data analytics – and just as importantly, how to turn data into insights.


Dr. Ed Blumenthal, Co-Director of NMDSI, Marquette University

Keri McConnell, Co-Director of NMDSI, Northwestern Mutual

Dr. Purush Papatla, Co-Director of NMDSI, UW-Milwaukee

Marquette University President Mike Lovell

Aundrea Price, Marquette Program Director, Health Data Analytics

Dr. Michael Zimmer, Marquette University

Dr. Shion Guha, Marquette University

Lauren Burke, Marquette University Executive Producer


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