Creating a Pipeline of Data Science Talent

The Northwestern Mutual Data Science Institute is helping prepare the next generation of data science professionals to advance the region through data-driven decision making by providing world-class education that leads to job opportunities in the field of data science.

Our goal is to train ethically-grounded data science leaders and professionals who are also knowledgeable in disciplines like business, mathematics, behavioral sciences, healthcare, process design and industrial engineering. Building this strong pipeline of talent is essential to meet increasing industry needs for individuals who are not only data scientists, but are also trained to apply their data science skills in specific sectors.

Whether you’re a student or employed professional, the NMDSI offers development through a combination of curriculum, research projects, internships, certificate programs and access to real-world problem solving.

These educational initiatives are made possible through the planning and resource support that the NMDSI provides to Marquette University and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Both institutions are leading universities in Milwaukee and offer degrees and certificate programs in data science.

To learn more about the data science programs at both universities, please visit their webpages by clicking the images below.

Trends in Data Science

Internship Opportunities

Aside from boosting your resume, internships are a vital way to obtain real-life experience while helping you identify and establish your career goals, make valuable connections, and get in-depth knowledge of industries and jobs that can’t be learned in a classroom.

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Please note: Internships are not guaranteed, and the NMDSI is not involved in the interview and selection process.