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A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats

Milwaukee is home to tech-savvy Fortune 500 companies, tech startups, professional sports teams and more – employing 76,000 people in technology. Tech talent is working to solve big challenges here and create exceptional experiences. A new study, Milwaukee's Tech Talent Impact, proves just how significant this talent is to our economy – but we must do more.

To be nationally and globally competitive, industry leaders, including Northwestern Mutual, are focused on four key areas: talent, innovation, identity and community.

We’re taking action to develop a strategic plan and formalize a tech industry coalition to pursue critical initiatives, as well as forming partnerships with economic development groups, educational institutions, non-profits and government.

"Milwaukee's Tech Talent Impact" Sponsors

Strong and Growing

Since 2017, the region has committed investments of more than $240 million to advance Milwaukee as a tech hub. It’s not just about the work, but the culture, too, which is why we support groups and organizations that help elevate our region to the kind of place where top talent wants to live, work, play – and stay.

What We're Doing

Tech Hub Summit

Northwestern Mutual hosted the inaugural Tech Hub Summit, bringing dozens of future-focused leaders together to work on super-charging our ecosystem through the support of programming, educational events, networking and addressing what needs to change in our community to attract and retain tech talent.

Milwaukee's Tech Talent Impact

A new report sponsored by 20 companies, including Northwestern Mutual, takes a look at tech talent in the seven-county Milwaukee region. It reveals the extensive impact of tech occupations and tech-dependent industries on the local economy.

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Tech Hub Working Groups

Formed at the first Tech Hub Summit, volunteers from corporations, small- to medium-sized businesses, startups, education institutes, government and community organizations meet quarterly to discuss action and support efforts to make Milwaukee a tech hub.

Building the Ecosystem

Northwestern Mutual and other companies are investing in building a thriving tech ecosystem and culture that makes people want to live and work in Milwaukee. The collective goal is to create an environment that attracts and supports a vibrant community of tech talent, entrepreneurs and diverse businesses. We’re focused on four key areas: talent, innovation, identity and community.