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Forge a new path. Create new worlds. Explore the unknown.

With tech, there’s no limit to what kids can achieve. Our technology outreach program, hi, Tech, introduces students to what’s possible. From education and hands-on programming to events and real-world experiences, students connect to, explore and transform the world around them. Students don’t just build apps – they build confidence. They don’t just unlock the next game level – they unlock their career potential. And they don’t just design websites – they design their futures.

Working with Milwaukee students in grades K-12, our employees help develop curriculum that aligns with real-world experience and needs. We also help empower teachers to build up their own confidence and capabilities to teach courses like computer science.

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Know STEM. No boundaries.

Students today need STEM skills more than ever – because that’s where the jobs are. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects one million new science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) jobs will be created in the United States between 2012 and 2022. At the same time, tech workers remain in short supply with too few students being exposed to these skills. Our technology outreach program addresses the gap in tech professionals while helping prepare students for future success.

We’re honored to be recognized by STEM Forward as the winner of their 2019 STEMMY Award in the employer category. The award recognizes educational institutions, businesses, organizations and individuals who promote STEM awareness and improve the STEM competency of students.


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Students’ futures are bright with hi, Tech

But they need the right building blocks to discover their potential. hi, Tech empowers students to see how they can shape the future of technology.

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Naisha Bepar

Technology Intern

Hayley Jamiola

Technology Intern

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As high school students without much real-world experience, Naisha Bepar and Hayley Jamiola admit they were nervous about attending Northwestern Mutual’s 2019 “hi, Tech” Minicamp. But just one year later, they've transitioned from participant to instructor. Hear their perspectives on the journey and its value.

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